Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Creating a Braai with character continuous the french theme throughout the house, while the cement finish maintains a muscular element within the room.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Instead of boring BIC's, by incorporating scrolls into the design of bedroom cupboards, we have created an armoire, enhancing the french feel in this romantic home.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Home renovations can be a nightmare for most homeowners,.  After 15 years in the building industry, we can cast a fresh eye over your property and unlock its potential.  We conceptualize, design and finish the project, considering the client's unique tastes and needs, within time and budget has become second nature to us.


Walking through a kitchen should feel welcoming and relaxing. When designing a home we start with the kitchen and work outwards.  Using maximum space together with innovative designs we can create a trend using colour and contrast to create a fresh cooking and gathering space.  Styles from french colonial to contemporary modern are easily replicated into the space you provide


Bathrooms have become and important element when selling a home.  Trends change often, but if the plumbing is there we can easily transform your space into an award winning spa.  Tiles can be replaced by paint or techniques, feature walls using decor tiles and other elements creating a sense of calm in the bathroom.


A garden is a work of art.  Using the different colours and textures of plants and hard finishes, you can transform your garden into a canvas of colour.  Imagine meandering along a garden path, filled with colours, smells and trickling water.  Finishing touch can create this dream for you, all you need is water.